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  • compare 2 project versions


    I think about outsourcing some coding , but i would like to have some control what the "external" party is doing - see all changes

    is there a way to compare 2 version of a project. the steps would be

    1) Increment Version (n+1)
    2) export project
    3) external coding
    4) import project
    5) compare version n & n+1

    or can i do that on mysql? or any other idea?

    thanks rob

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    Unfortunately not. We always make a list of changes as seen on new versions at applications and apply some notes if necessary. I would request something similar from your supplier. Always keep an incremental backup to be able to revert. Make good arrangements in case of dispute. But I guess you know all that.
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      In our case, outsourcing we do is always related to apps where other parts involved is not working. I mean.
      You have a project with apps login, grid_customers, form_customers, grid_documents, form_documents and so on.
      If you hire us to work over form_documents, obviously, you don't have to work over this app while is under "our control". You can't compare in a easy way what we do otherwise doing manually.

      Could be an interesting feature by the way, but first, is needed a complete INCREMENTAL behaviour. I mean, when you increment version, all things related to project should be saved, and right now, external libs for example are not affected by this, we rename manually.

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