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ScriptCase v6.0.032 (09-04-2012 22:04)

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  • ScriptCase v6.0.032 (09-04-2012 22:04)

    New functionalities

    - Implemented the option to set a primary key field as read-only when creating a form.
    - Added new attributes to the N-N configuration.
    - Added the examples in the Oracle database.
    - Added the MSSQL ADO connection to the Windows Seven and Windows Vista environment.
    - Added the automatic dependencies recovery and foreign keys to access database.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed the processing of fields configured with slash ("/") in Access Database.
    - Fixed the issue when applying the filter to perform a search on date fields in Informix database.
    - Fixed the issue with composite key using date fields in Informix database.
    - Added the option to add a new calendar to a date type of field in filter applications.
    - Adjustments in the Linux installer.
    - Fixed the issue with auto update and online registration on MAC operating system.
    - Fixed the file permission problem in the zendid on MAC operating system.


    - Fixed the error when using the macro sc_field_disabled inside methods.
    - Fixed the bug when using the option to show the number of pages in the footer of Report PDF applications.
    - Fixed the issue when synchronizing the form whet it has N-N relationship configured as a number.
    - Fixed the error when using ajax processing in editable grids.
    - Fixed the bug when using N-N relationship configured as checkbox.