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ScriptCase v8.1.018 (12-09-2015 18:56)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.018 (12-09-2015 18:56)

    New functionalities

    - Added support for hint and title customization for "New" button for links from Grid applications.
    - Added a new property to open forms in tabs, when linked to menu and set as open in tabs "yes" within Grid applications.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem when displaying applications within tabs, using French language.
    - Fixed issue with images resizing from upload fields.
    - Fixed issue on custom width behavior from Tab applications, in browsers Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


    - Fixed problem on inserting and updating records with NULL value in CIDR and INET fields in PostgreSQL.
    - Fixed issue when using colors for fields customization in Grids with slide orientation when using label above or below in the block configuration.
    - Fixed problem when synchronize users in the security module by using LDAP.
    - Fixed issue with Ajax events in fields time datatype.
    - Fixed issue with datatime fields within buttons PHP display.
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