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ScriptCase v8.1.019 (12-17-2015 16:54)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.019 (12-17-2015 16:54)

    New functionalities

    - Added support to search the buttons code, in the "Search Application" functionality.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem in the style settings exhibited in the Nested Grid.
    - Fixed the "file nonexistent" problem by downloading files, after inserting records in horizontal forms.


    - Fixed problem when changing the field's style settings in Grid applications that are being generated as a link.
    - Fixed the CHARSET problem when displaying values in Charts configured as analytic using SQL Server connection.
    - Fixed the Grid's detail problem in the horizontal alignment style settings.
    - Fixed problem ordering the friendly URL exhibited in the inicial project screen.
    - Fixed problem in ZipArchive function, displayed during automatic update in Linux environments.
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