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ScriptCase v8.1.033 (2016-04-05 11:43)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.033 (2016-04-05 11:43)

    New functionalities

    - Added new option for deleting files in directories. Exclusive to Document, Image and Multi-upload types of fields.
    - Added new option to hide the image name. Exclusive to Document, Image and Multi-upload types of fields.
    - Added new option to set the orientation of the labels on the X axis, in the column, area and line types of chart.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem in displaying field in nested grid inside other nested grids
    - Fixed problem accessing the grid' summary with chart module disabled.
    - Fixed problem using "Display Label in break" with the "- Fixed Label" option enable.
    - Fixed problem using dropdown in selection fields displayed in blocks as tabs.
    - Fixed problem using dropdown selection in fields displayed on Editable Grid (View) Forms.
    - Fixed problem in field settings when created by a static group by.
    - Fixed problem viewing 'No file selected' in upload type of fields.
    - Fixed problem when using watermark on date type of fields.
    - Fixed problem disregard aspect, after inserting images in simple upload fields.
    - Fixed problem the Run button using Infinite Scroll.
    - Fixed problem on the - Fixed label on pages with horizontal scrolling.
    - Fixed problem on the date type of fields when export to XLS.
    - Fixed problem when creating Ajax event in fields named with the plus symbol (+).
    - Fixed bug in PDF export forms with blocks using collapse option.
    - Fixed problem to increment files after a record update in upload fields (File Name).
    - Fixed problem in increasing file to an existing directory in upload fields (File Name).
    - Fixed problem when using LDAP function with single quotes to enable sorting.
    - Fixed permissions problem in .zip package, generated in the publication.


    - Fixed display problem when configuring a nested grid fields aligned to left and top.
    - Fixed bug in the PDF export in Chart and Grid applications.
    - Fixed problem displaying negative values ​​in accumulated type fields.
    - Fixed problem on return of global variables in the Menu application.
    - Fixed problem when using the macros sc_lookup and sc_select when the column has the same name as the array index.
    - Fixed problem when generating charts with totals in the grid's summary.
    - Fixed problem in modal display forms with too many fields in the calendar application.
    - Fixed problem in the criticism of existing records in the form application with composite key.
    - Fixed problem in the final time display when changing events in the calendar application.
    - Fixed case sensitive problem in auto complete fields in the filter.
    - Fixed problem in fields with auto complete with links parameter passing using variables.
    - Fixed problem in Ajax processing checkbox fields in the filter.
    - Fixed problem when using a link button option in master/detail application.
    - Fixed problem when using Group Label with - Fixed label and Infinite Scroll.
    - Fixed problem after setting fields for the X and Y axes in the summary.
    - Fixed problem by disabling selection fields with Ajax recharge.
    - Fixed alignment problem of the label of nested grids using - Fixed label.
    - Fixed problem when using multiple selection in the refined search with 'zero' value.
    - Fixed problem when generating applications that contain fields auto complete without case sensitive.
    - Fixed problem when assigning empty value to a checkbox fields in Ajax events.
    - Fixed problem when using HTML code in HTML Editor field on the form.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    Netmake - IT Solutions