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ScriptCase v8.1.039 (2016-05-10 18:57)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.039 (2016-05-10 18:57)

    New functionalities

    - Added options: Save HTML tags, text input in Javascript, Run content in JavaScript, Remove HTML tags, Allow direct call by URL and Enable CSRF in the Express Edit Interface.
    - Added close button on the modal types of link, when opening a Report PDD application.
    - Created macro sc_format_num_region. This macro is intended formatting numeric values ​​using the regional settings.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem in the master detail view, when not informed the height as parameter.
    - Fixed problem with the option "Save HTML tags" in the text and text fields with multiple lines Forms Editable Grid View.
    - Fixed problem in the fields document (database) and Image (database) using the data type that is NOT NULL BYTEA in the Postgres database.
    - Fixed problem in the view of the catch connection of the window in modal, when the application was running on the master of detail. From this version, the window will open on every page.
    - Fixed problem viewing applications, when using the option to "Use Password" security. Applications were displaying the message "Invalid Data".
    - Fixed problem scrolling applications from the menu on mobile devices.
    - Fixed error Failed to fetch error message, SQL State HY000 in SQLPrimaryKeys to create a Grid application with ODBC connection
    - Fixed problem in the recovery of the data type "Double" in the Visual FoxPro database in ODBC connections
    - Fixed problem in the recovery of the data type "Numeric" in Visual FoxPro database in ODBC connections
    - Fixed problem when using links with Modal on Grid applications, when it displays the filter in an IFrame.
    - Fixed problem in the recovery of fields in the ODBC using SQL Server connections.


    - Fixed problem when generating source in the onLoad event of the form. The interface was changing the event name to onLoadAll.
    - Fixed problem with the 'Full Zeros' Decimal field applications using grids with Oracle connection database.
    - Fixed problem in the recovery of the data type of the field, to create a stored procedure used MSSQL Server Native SRV PDO driver
    - Fixed problem in graphic theme display in the interface. Changing the theme in the interface, the topic was not changed.
    - Fixed problem in display of messages in the Group Label interface when created in a Grid application.
    - Fixed problem in the language directory to update the ScriptCase.
    - Fixed problem in the warning message of the type Run button when there is no records selected.
    - Fixed problem in display applications in the mobile sub menu as Navigation
    - Fixed problem in the width of the tree menu to display applications on mobile devices.
    - Fixed problem with an asterisk display (*) displayed in the fields that appear in the break.
    - Fixed problem when creating images using the "Extras Images" option on Form, Control and Calendar application.
    - Fixed problem in the Output URL option when the application is opened from the macro sc_redir.
    - Fixed problem in the description of the search result in WebHelp.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    Netmake - IT Solutions