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ScriptCase v8.0.007 (09-04-2014 23:17)

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  • ScriptCase v8.0.007 (09-04-2014 23:17)

    New functionalities

    - Added a configuration option to sort the fields in the Grid application.
    (Use the fields displayed in the query, Using columns defined in the Columns or Customize the definition of the fields)
    - Added option to hide the menu when you click on any menu item for desktop and mobile.
    - Added option to hide the menu on desktop and start the menu in mobile mode.
    - Added option to show the floating menu when the normal menu is hidden for desktop and mobile menu.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem when using lookup in onApplicationInit event.
    - Fixed issue when updating records in the form on mobile devices.
    - Fixed problem using Ajax events on mobile devices.
    - Fixed issue with auto complete fields in forms applications with format multiple record and editable grids.
    - Fixed issue in the theme images of converted applications.


    - Fixed issue when cleaning the form's QuickSearch from a multiple records type.
    - Fixed problem in positioning the message "Processing .." when used in Ajax events.
    - Fixed problem when using the summary on every page of the Grid application.
    - Fixed issue when accessing a project with locked version.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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