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All Variety of Languages are not the same: Languages and Locales

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  • All Variety of Languages are not the same: Languages and Locales

    SC allows you to select multiple locales of a single language, but a very big sticking point for me is the fact that it does not allow you to define separate translations for EACH of the locales of the languages.

    For example, Selecting English (United Kingdom) and English (United States) for a Project's languages gives you two locales. But when you go to Tools>Locales>Languages, it only gives you one column of "English".

    There are numerous words that are the same but are spelled differently. ie, color & colour, neighbor & neighbour, check & cheque.
    There is no provision for the different types of English.
    Also there are different terminology between the different regions. ie, elevator vs lift, trunk of a car vs boot

    This is a very poor and does not allow the proper globalization of any application. Not all English can be encapsulated in one en_us.lang file (Much like I expect Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese to be quite different).

    I pointed this out via email back while using SC5. The makers of ScriptCase have yet to say anything on the subject.

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    Hello Paul,

    I have sent this as a suggestion to our development team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann