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  • Scriptcase Starter Guide

    Hello there my friends,

    We are planning to create a starter guide to help people who download scriptcase for the first time and then we decided to ask you guys wich were the dificulties that you guys had when you use the scriptcase for the first time? What should us focus on?
    Best regards,
    Carlos Lacerda.
    ScriptCase Commercial Manager.

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    Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

    Hi Carlos!!!

    I use Mac OSX 10.6.8, when I do manually update, recieve this error "PROBLEM ZendId execute permissions", then:
    enter to /devel/lib/third/zend, find zendid file and rename to zendidOLD and find zendid.mac and rename to zendid and copy the file to /devel/lib/third/zend

    And I need create Daemon user and create privilegies to scriptcase folder from this user.


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      Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

      Adding "WHERE" statements to grids or forms via the SQL option
      Also working with reports could use some clarification.


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        Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

        Many of us are more or less experienced programmers. The current documentation is neat but often explains what we can see in the menus and forms ourselfs. I need more explanation of concepts and comparison with common practices. I know my way in CodeCharge e.g and constantly compare how I should approach solutions in ScriptCase.


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          Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide


          when I was a beginner in SC I had difficulties to understand how to bring my code to the production server.
          I needet some time to understand that I have to define again the connections on production server by calling
          <web><project>/_lib/prod ... For a short time SC automatically changed to this path when there was no connection defined. At the moment under SC V6 you get no hint..

          Uwe Pfeiffer


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            Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

            Hi all.

            I installed SC in:
            and finally in my web hosting.

            I think the installation in Windows is the most stable all the installer does, I'm a Mac user and after much effort I managed to install SC but had the problem of activating my license and connect for updates.

            Would ask that as soon as they can develop an installer for Mac, and solve the access to server connections SC.

            Spend a couple of weeks installing SC and is currently working on my hosting and it's slow, I trabjar on my MacBook.

            Greetings ...


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              Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

              For newby, compare with myself befor purchace, I think the problem when start is where they should start from. First thing before pickup SC, I analysis and design for create DB first. then start SC with 'form app' for insert new records to DB. and test 'grid app' for view DB records.

              I thing newby need the tutorial or video demo like that, first, and follow by currently show in support site, even though we lost much time for understanding how scriptcase do.

              no comment any others except some problem while use but has been well cared for. SC is the best.


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                Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

                Hi All,


                I think with this sample there will be shorter learning curve for scriptcase beginner.



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                  Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

                  the main difficulty is this message:

                  "One more more files on this web site were encoded by ZendGuard and the required run-time support is not installed orproperly configured.
                  For the Web site user

                  This means that this Web server is not configured correctly to runthe files that it contains. Please contact the Web site'sadministrator/webmaster and inform them of this problem and give themthe URL you are trying to display to help them in diagnosing theproblem.
                  For The Site Administrator/Web Master

                  One or more files on your site were encoded with Zend Guard. Thismay be third party libraries that were provided to you by an ISV. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. This is either ZendOptimizer or Zend Loader. The proper files can be downloaded from software is provided free of charge.

                  General Disclaimer: Zend Technologies is not responsible tothe configuration and setup of web sites using Zend Guard technology.Please contact your software vendor if these components were providedby an ISV or consult your Zend Guard Users Guide if these files wereencoded by your organization."


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                    Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

                    Well the first point was getting it after installation to work properly on other databases (oracle in my case). Specially since the documentation was wrong in this area. Someone with limited knowledge would not get it to function ever (see my post somewhere else).


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                      Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

                      Something about likns(capture,application,..) on control aplication.

                      Now i'm getting problem with that and there are not videos.


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                        Re: Scriptcase Starter Guide

                        I was looking at this last night.
                        But I couldn't figure out how to send parameters, also tried to Crete a link and said there wasn't a wy to connect apps

                        Maybe you will have better luck



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                          Add comments to the script from SC examples. In order to understand what the code is doing at events, methods... Why the code is there? My experience with examples could be better if I can read explanation. SC Team are the Php guru I' m the one who buy this tool to make a DB usefull to an end desk customer. I think that technical webinar help a lot. You can do an step by step short live example like the security included at SC. After finish the example give us a few minutes to aks question. Excuse the missspelling! English is not my language.
                          From Puerto Rico

                          Software Data:
                          SC: 7
                          OS: W7
                          Browser: Molliza, Chrome


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                            Hi. I am a Scriptcase Starter Guide case user for over a year. I find it helpful for report and chart driven apps. It is very stable and once you figure out how to use it, it is very fast developing environment. The events on most apps also give me, as a programmer, a hook into many of the most useful points of the process of an app. For instance, I can use the onRecord event and put PHP code to modify the contents of a field as that specific record is processed. Pretty cool. I do use other tools, but Scriptcase Starter Guide is good. Peace