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  • Designate a Custom/Central Frame/Container


    So far I love everything about Scriptcase. Seriously, outstanding effort guys! Coming from a web development background myself I really miss the feature of creating a layout that is used by all the application pages. For example, if I create a Tree Menu, the treemenu get its own frame and if I create an Application menu the application menu also gets its own frame to load target applications.

    What I suggest is... create a special type of container. The container will have different regions (e.g. Header, Footer, Left, Right, Center). And in the configuration let the user pick which region will be used as the master frame to show/load applications. So, if I add a Tree Menu on the Left, and an Application Menu on the Header... when the user clicks a link on the menu item, the item will be loaded in the Center frame.

    This way all the pages will always have the same Header, Footer, Left, and Right. And no matter from where a link is clicked, the page will be loaded in the Center.

    Please add this feature on the next release... shouldn't be too hard! :P

    Let me know if you need more information!
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    In addition to that it would be great if you could easily send messages from one area to another. Now you have to do all kind of (javascript) trics to do so. It would be great if you have one application in a container which directs refresh of another application in another container in an easy (macro) way. Best approach would be using div's but that would be a major change.
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      Big plus from me, would really great to actually have power/control over such a basic aspect.
      In my opinion at the moment scriptcase is quite nasty as a basic snazzy website, being able to configure areas and design of would be really great!


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        I had a quick look at Scriptcase and I liked it's use of css and the ability to customise the css, which makes it better than codecharge, phpmaker, phprunner etc.

        But I didn't find a way to create a master page with a header, footer, left column, right column etc etc. that can contain the selected content from a database. In other words I want to create a content management system with scriptcase.


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          I have just sent your suggestion to our team.

          Bernhard Bernsmann