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  • Copy & Apply Templates / Defaults

    One of the features I most appreciate - by now - in all of ScriptCase is the ability to define templates, which will then be applied to all subsequently created projects and all applications in those projects. Seriously, it's major goodness when it comes to reliable user experience, since all applications handle just the same.
    Which makes the toolbar templates the most favored of all for me.
    Too bad, I didn't start right away with using templates. Or what if a change requires me to change templates? Or I later realizes I've made a dreadful mistake and actually should rearrange things a bit? Well, in that case it's back to the drawing board and apply the changes - manually - to each individual project and the master template. Manually.

    Could we please get a functionality that allows us to copy to / from the master template? To choose actually which parts to copy would also be handy. Then on the application level an "Apply Project Template" button would also be nice (with an "are you really sure?" warning).