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Synchronizing tables fro grid Apps

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  • Synchronizing tables fro grid Apps

    Please implement synchronizing changes in table structure in grid Apps. This is such a pain to do all changes manually and adds extra time for development. I would like to see it the same way is is done for FORMS. Manual updates to the SQL statements is really against all ideology of 4GL tool.

    I also do not understand the whole concept of synchronizing tables from the App property panel VS project dictionary. It seems like those are 2 completely separate entities. I would rather see one or another. If I use DICTIONARY to update the apps then all form and grid apps should get their table structure updated autmatically (without the need of any extra work). Unfortunately this is not the case at the moment. When making updates to the dB structure it is pain on the but to go back and forth between SC and SQL tables and do most of the updates manually.
    If NetMake want to consider SC real 4GL tool this really has to be addressed.


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    Hi, aka i think that a form is always from one table, While a report grid can be from one o more tables then is not possible select fields like from a form. Then is necessary modify the select statement manually.


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      That is not true. It is only a matter of implementation. I use CLARION (desktop development software) which is based on similar principles. Sill, even if using multiple tables, each table that is used in BROWSE (in SC it's called GRID) can be separately synced with Dictionary. It is not a problem at all, just a little more work to implement (since the user might deal with multiple tables).
      There are other tools that utilize this without problem, so I see no reason with SC could not.

      The SQL panel (for grid) should simply have a list of tables used in grid. If there is more than 1, then it should list all of them. The user selects tables to update and all the structure is updated according to the new server structure. This same procedure is implemented in MySQL workbench. Although not perfect yet (there are still bugs) it saves tons of time.



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        I would suggest you create your own RAD tool since you know so much about it. Your logic that if someone can do something, anyone can.
        Like everything else there is need and a nicety

        Frustrates me constantly