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    Originally posted by Garfieldus View Post
    Please do a webinar showing how to produce multi line, multi page PFDs in the "PDF Report" application.
    This is a good idea Gradfieldus
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      Yes I absolutely agree with this idea. Please make a webminar that discuss how to make multi page pdf report application.

      Thank You.


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        As there seems to be a lot of problems when moving from Development to production, specifically with the exportation of PDFs and other files it may be a good idea to either have a webinar or put some videos up on this matter.

        There are suggestions on what to do (3 to date) but the instructions from support are unclear.

        Whilst it is great to focus on what Scriptcase can do its also important to focus on how to correct its common bugs.


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          I think it is a good idea for next webinar we discuss about Create Web GIS with Scriptcase and Google MAP API


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            I would like a webinar on how to get current record info from current record in a form to build a hyperlink, as well going through the scriptcase macros that are in the system. Documentation is very lacking in a lot of areas and would be nice to have webinars on these type of every days issues we run across. Another webinar I would like to see is one how to setup databases best practice with Scriptcase. Another one would be on installing Scriptcase and explaining what other software you need to download and install such as MYSQL, Postgres, MS SQL, then would have been very helpful for me when I first installed and setup. Also the webinars go to fast when we try watch and to see what is going on or what the person in the webinar is doing. If they could be more prepared and go slower and explain everything they are doing would be very helpful. Videos or webinars on the new features of of a release would also be nice to have.

            Another useful item would be when how to videos are put up on the site (Samples Area) the date they was added or updated.

            Thank You



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              I would like to understand programming in SC better. How to access field variables. How to loop through a grid for instance and create an array of field variables, etc.

              It would also help if you could cover debugging as a separate webinar. What are the different ways to debug. I am not talking about just DB debugging, but errors in script/code. Many times we create variables and we are not sure what values it holds. Sometimes echo works and sometimes it does not show up. What are the best practices of debugging in SC.


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                How about one about using Bootstrap to replace the existing CSS?


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                  A webinar about advanced graphics and BI would be awesome.