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Restore does not supply correct information

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  • Restore does not supply correct information

    I tried creating a backup, and then restoring from the backup.

    When I did the restore, I selected the 'If duplicated' "Do not restore" option.

    When the request was processed, I got the following screen...


    Click image for larger version. Name: backupNotrestore.jpg Views: 4 Size: 18.9 KB ID: 501

    I noticed a couple of problems.

    1) The box title says "Backup Routine" and I ran a restore (minor problem).
    2) It says it restored one item. The items were successfully restored.

    The problem is that I restored the Project that I just backed up an hour earlier. So, it should NOT have restored that project. Maybe is did not, and it skipped the restore. But it did skip it, then I need to be informed that it was skipped.
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    Could be an issue of my browser, but I cannot enlarge the image.
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