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Input field in a Grid ???

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  • Input field in a Grid ???


    How to add an input field into a grid application ?

    ex : on displayed record line , adding a input of a value


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    create a virtual field (virtual input).


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      Nope, that doesn't work. You cannot add edit fields to a grid. If you need a grid with edit fields you need to create a form of type editable grid (view). Here you can add a manual field at fields -> newfield.
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        There is a way to meke something like this, but it is not native and i am not sure it will work for every purpose:

        You can create a virtual text field, I created one called "teste". And in the onRecord Event I did this:

        {teste} = "
        <form method='POST'>
        <input type='text' name='".{id}."_field' />
        <input type='hidden' name='post_submit_form' value='".{id}."' />
        <input type='submit' />

        This code will create an input field with a submit button for every record. If i click the submit button it will reload the page and send the data via POST. On the onScriptInit event i have this:

        if (isset($_POST['post_submit_form']) && !empty($_POST['post_submit_form']))
        if (isset($_POST[$_POST['post_submit_form'].'_field']) && !empty($_POST[$_POST['post_submit_form'].'_field']))
        $value = $_POST[$_POST['post_submit_form'].'_field'];
        $id = $_POST['post_submit_form'];
        /* YOUR CODE GOES HERE */


        This will make me able to Use the value submited with the $value variable and the ID of the row affected with the $id.

        Hope this can help you.


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          Thanks !!!

          I will try your code Enrique

          Best regards