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Hiding Toolbar when using Blocks

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  • Hiding Toolbar when using Blocks

    I have an app with x2 blocks (layout -> blocks) using a "tab" for each
    In block1 I have the primary application fields which the user is able to edit (thus there is a Save button on the toolbar)
    When the user clicks on the second tab, the "Save" button from the initial app still remains in view.
    How do I hide this "Save" button each time the user clicks on the second "tab", and then naturally display the "Save" button when they click back on the 1st tab?

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    I looked into the events but the only usable event is onfocus where you can disable the button when the cursor goes into your first field. But I think this is an ugly method and not fail safe and a lot of work too. Unfortunately there's no ontabchange event. It might be that you can achieve that using javascript, but I'm not very good at that.
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      Thanks. I remember seeing and using a macro (but can't find it) that allows you perform the same functionality as a Toolbar button (ie: perform the Save function).
      Then what I would do is hide the Save button in the toolbar and create a new button, place it in the first form
      Do you know of the macro I am referring to to perform the Toolbar Save function


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        Found it but didn't work nm_atualiza('incluir');