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A lot of bugs in SC 8.1 mobile

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  • A lot of bugs in SC 8.1 mobile

    I found many bugs in SC 8.1 for mobile. On the login screen, I click New User and fill in the data. On desktop, when I submit the data, there is no problem. But if I do it on my smartphones, the data isn't submitted. It's very big problem on SC 8.1 mobile.

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    Can you try another device or emulator? Preferably, a completely different OS build?

    As I said in your other post, JavaScript (and HTML5) implementations on mobile devices are sometimes broken. There isn't much that NetMake can do about a broken browser.

    My experience: Sony's OS implementations suck roadkill mandrill butts. Windows Mobile is only slightly better, but at least JavaScript and HTML5 mostly work. Their devices are best used for TV remote controls over Wifi, or reloaded with a custom OS build that isn't broken.

    This is why I don't build mobile apps with Xamarin: Xamarin relies 100% on the device's JavaScript and HTML5 implementations. OS defects result in support calls for your app that you can't resolve without the vendor's buy-in.