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+ character in records (string field) breaking SC refined search

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  • + character in records (string field) breaking SC refined search

    If there's a plus sign, i.e. '+', in a record (in a string field), when selected in the refined search the grid will return zero records.

    Seems a recurring case of SC functions handling strings without properly encoding\escaping them.

    These kinds of issues have been reported a lot of times.

    @NetMake I really appreciate your efforts and I like SC a lot, but IMHO a professional development tool should not have these problems.
    I may be wrong as I'm not a professional developer, but as a company it should be easy for you to standardize procedures to handles strings in PHP\JS\Jquery\whatever and always handling them in the same and safe manners (i.e. process them via the same procedures).
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    It's frustrating to come across these things, but it's a big product and some bugs are getting fixed in each update. Keep the faith!

    I can add that having an '&' in a Refined Search text field also causes problems. Filtering on that value exhibits odd behaviours, such as returning an empty result set. It's quite important to get this fixed, as such characters crop up often.


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      I simulated the problem locally and reported it to our development team.
      Enabling debug mode I could see that as ScriptCase is treating characters. For the plus sign (+) it is replacing by a space. I believe that there may be conflicts in Javascript or something.

      Anyway, the problem has been reported and we will be reviewing these and other characters during testing.
      Best Regards,
      John L. Santos

      Bug Tracker Team
      Netmake - IT Solutions


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        Thanks for your feedback on this one, John.

        Best regards, Jeff