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Update field, is not working from other function

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  • Update field, is not working from other function

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to do some changes in a form according with some values captured or changes from select, radio and text box. The field that I need to change (calculated) is {saldo_nue} but, only work when I change the text box called {valor_mov} that call the function actualiza_saldo() - check screenshot. the other fields, {cod_fmo_mov}, {desc_tmo}, and {fec_mov}, call first the funcion llena_mon_saldo() and this in the end, call to actualiza_saldo(), but in this moment, the field {saldo_nue} is not updated despite that I can see in a print that the value is changed. the only way to updated {saldo_nue} is put the code from actualiza_saldo() function in llena_mon_saldo(), but for this way, I will to repeat code.

    Some idea like how to fix this?



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    I could to control the changes in the same function, passing some parameters by value, but, why does not update from the other function? is a bug or is a bad procedure?