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  • Form Layout Bug

    At some pint I had put some fields in a Block into 2 columns, 50% and 50%. . Later decided to change it back to 1 column 100%. Not sure if this affected the layout but....

    When I change form width from AUTOMATIC to Fixed pixel the objects on the form get relocated like this


    There is also issue with the background. As you see the frame for the grid is not inheriting form background. Instead it takes a background from main App Page setup. The grids shold be placed on WHITE and no dark blue should be visible.

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    OK, I have found a workaround although it still should be fixed. In order for this to work one must set column widths to AUTO. Any other setting makes everything get messed up.
    I hope this might help others to get around this issue.


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      This layout is displayed when you use the option for labels width. I will not say that this is not a bug, but I'm not able to simulate the problem.
      I can simulate this same layout setting the width of columns. When you set the width of columns as provided, the option for width label is displayed on the interface for you to set.

      I ask that you try to send some step by step, or check whether the problem is related to the options I mentioned above.
      Best Regards,
      John L. Santos

      Bug Tracker Team
      NetMake - IT Solutions


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        This works properly only when the form width/units is set to AUTO, any other setting makes everything missaligned.