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BUG importing backups

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  • BUG importing backups

    1: I have a public library with some code.
    2: I have a project that uses the public library.
    3: I make a backup of my code so the library gets updated as well.
    4: I make a change in my public library.

    Now I am one week later en I need some of the code from the OLD version from step 1.
    I import my backup and thus the OLD public library overwrites the NEW one with the updates (in step 4).

    This is not good! I want to be able to choose in detail what I recover. So I would NOT import the public library but only the project itself.

    Please add this..

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    Agree. i would like to add the same for export. I hate when I import some customer Project and all linked libraries are imoirted as well, with a Lot of themes, libraries, internal libraries and so on....

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