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Buttons are STILL messed up list -> link mode = iframe

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  • Buttons are STILL messed up list -> link mode = iframe

    Second POSTING! When will Scriptcase either fix or respond?????

    This is a huge issue for end user, VERY CONFUSING!! I'm tired of "making excuses" due to lack of communication from Netmake.

    Problem: When linking an input form to a grid form, the buttons are really messed up.
    1) Buttons do not display the "button settings" set in the toolbar.
    2) Buttons appear when they should NOT be visible to the end user.
    3) When the end user is adding multiple records, the displayed buttons are NOT the right buttons
    4) When adding multiple records, IF you do not click the right button... the data that has been entered CANNOT BE SAVED!!!!!

    THESE ISSUES are when an entry form is nested (linked) to the grid form using the iframe

    YOUTUBE link showing the process and problems:

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    This needs fixing.
    Will the developers see this?


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      Originally posted by jack123 View Post
      This needs fixing.
      Will the developers see this?

      This is the response I received AFTER I posted the webcast to youtube explaining exactly what needs to happen.
      (Can someone explain to me what the Bug Tracking Team is attempting to tell me. My english is bad... I do not fully understand this explanation)

      Really have 2 bugs.
      1- After inserting the record, the correct is show a blank form with the Insert button.
      In the grid link, after insert shows the blank form, but with Add new, Save and Delete buttons.

      2- the buttons label of form application don't show correctly if you change the value in the form.

      We reported these bugs to our development team to they fix it. When solved will be included it in the update release.

      Do you want after inserting the record, edit it?
      To return to record after to insert, you can use the 'Navigation > Return After Inserting ' option in the form application.

      -- Best regard,
      Bug Tracker Team
      NetMake - I.T Solutions


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        He informed you that there is two bugs in your video, both of them are reported in our system and we'll work to fix them, and when we release some update you should check the change log to see if your fix is there.

        Plus he said that there is an option to edit a record after inserting it.

        Development Team
        Netmake - IT Solutions


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          Cavadinha, Thank you for the response and clarification. This type of communication from the development team is very helpful.

          There are many users/developers/programmers using Scriptcase that want to help/assist to make scriptcase a better development tool. There are MANY frustrated users that have expressed their frustration about the LACK of communication when there is a need bug fixes, corrections and/or improvements to the system.


          Thank you
          Stu Buck, Phoenix AZ USA
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            Some users are way too emotional and don't know when some issue is or is not a bug

            The whole scriptcase team always take very seriously the help and demands of the users.
            The job we do, we do it to improve all our clients development power, so its very important your feedback, specially the ones with bugs.

            Although Scriptcase is a big tool, we have a small team to maintain it, so whenever we keep some distance from the community it's because we are working hard developing the tool.

            Keep an eye in the changelogs.

            Development Team
            Netmake - IT Solutions


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              One thing which is important before one reports missing buttons (I have learned it the hard way). One must declare if he is using OR NOT security module which can affect the buttons show up on the form. This isn't really best idea how the buttons are implemented because we have very little controll on them, but,...
              I you create a FROM and your buttons do not show up, firts thing to check is to go to the module (or table) which is responsible for allowing access to the form. There you will see BOLEAN comlumns with "Y" value assigned (or not). If the value is not assigned you will not see the buttons.
              I doscivered this hard way because I thought if the SECURITY (In SC settings) is disabled this should not matter. well - IT DOES (and I would consider this another bug). The workaround is to simply open the table (i.e using PHPAdmin or some other tool to your particular dB) and edit the record for the form that is responsible for allowing access to the particular App. I hope I'm explaining this clearly enough.


              this is an example from my table. You need to go and manually edit the NULL fields so you have access to the EDIT/INSERT/DELETE etc. This is expected behaviour - NOT A BUG.

              If one uses no SECURITY module or tables and the buttons are still missing (I have had a case like this in the past) then this might be a bug. I think this bug was already fixed some time ago, but there might be some more new issues, not sure.

              I hope this helps the determine weather we do have a problem or not and helps many others not to wste numerours hours like I did trying to figure out why the buttons are missing.