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Bug? OR am I doing something wrong... Mobile display Master Detail app missing file

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  • Bug? OR am I doing something wrong... Mobile display Master Detail app missing file

    Greetings and thank you for any feedback and/or help with this condition.

    I have been "trying" SC8 to see how well the mobile display is working. Overall I am very happy with the mobile view of forms and list, Thank You SC Staff!!! Great Job!

    The error I found is -> "The requested URL /scriptcase/..../*.htm was not found on this server." (I've attached a screen capture image)

    Here are the steps/apps I created....

    Two simple tables.... master table and detail table -> tblMstr tblDtl
    Created one grid view app of the tblMstr.
    Created one single record form app of the tblMstr.
    Created one editable grid view app of the tblDtl.
    Created link in the grid view to the single record form. -> working great on both desktop and mobile views.
    Created Master-Detail link between the single record form and the editable grid view. -> when both forms (underlying recordset) contain data, they work great on both desktop and mobile views.

    Here is where the Error pops up....

    On my mobile device (iPhone S4) display the gridview app, select the "Add New" button. Master single app displays, However, when the detail form is suppose to display, I get the error message "Not Found"... see attached image for detail.

    On the desktop version the "Add New" displays properly (without showing the error msg of Not Found).

    When I select the "display desktop version" from my mobile device... the desktop version displays correctly... see attached image for detail

    Please let me know if this is a "BUG" or if I'm doing something to cause the error to occur.

    Thank you,
    Stu Buck, Phoenix AZ USA
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    It's a bug, look at the url. It doesn't resolve the path correctly. It stays within the last directory.
    The same happens when you use the sc_redir() macro.



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      Thanks jsbinca for your help/insight. I'll send an email to the "bug" team.


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        in tests to simulate your problem, we get positive results. Are you still with this problem after scriptcase releases?

        Note: We tested on an iPhone 4S and had no problems.
        Best regards,
        Thomas Soares.
        ScriptCase International.

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