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    I would like to compliment SC for finally listening to the community and put the many words into action. The way the devs are taking over the bugs and report about them is refreshing. I hope this is a real new start in improving QC. It was very much needed and I think you found the right track. Please keep on following it.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /

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    That is promising, finally will get things working without bugs!? it is a dream.

    You are right Albert, we all do "nag" and list negatives, we should also admire positives... I gess that is because a reaction due stress, project deadline approach, wasting time in trying to figure things out then appear it is a bug, and later on waste more time in creating something takes too long then later need to be built again from scratch, and most interesting, when a bug was fixed for sure, but later on appears again with new releases!! this is X10! But finally, each one wants his work to continue with minimum errors, less issues... otherwise why should we complain or waste more time here trying to explain!? mainly because we want to continue using SC due to its unique way of how it works, but if management do not care about their product from our point view, clostly, that means they don't care about their business continuity over the long run,, which is going to effect us again on after a while after the software goes down! it is simple, stop new stuff, focus to make existing thing work ok, continue new stuff later when everybody is happy.

    Thanks Albert for the initiative step, they deserve all the best when comes to put in hand the most powerful tool, yet without bugs, or -at least- with less issues and better care about end users opinion and feedbacks

    keep good works coming guys!