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again the link to form with defining global variable

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  • again the link to form with defining global variable

    hello, this bug was in 8.016 then gone in 8.17 and now in 8.20 again started

    create form with global variable [glo_where] put it in sql like where - id=[glo_where] - open the form, asks manually for the global, put a number it works, form works ok with the where clause

    now create a link to this form from control for example, when creating the link it will ask you for parameters, add [glo_where] is a select field in the control that has internal number value should pass to the form... throws sql error and shows select ...... from .... where id = order by id

    the global variable is not filled correctly... i tried adding manual list in the select field to make sure the number is there to pass, also tried to add it as normal edit box, not a select... again no luck... the parameter is not being passed at all to the form, hence it shows an error

    please fix now... last time it was adding (id=) even if "empty" was selected when creating the link... now it shows id= if not empty but not adding the value

    waiting for urgent fix

    and please, when you fix something, build on the newly fixed version, don't make old bugs appear again!!!!!! this is rediciouls really spent 4 hours trying and trying for what? for understanding how the bug works grrrrrrrr

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    This sounds familiar... I saw this one too...


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      Issue reported to our bugs team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann