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Database Builder removing column above the one you click

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  • Database Builder removing column above the one you click

    Well, the title pretty much says it all, when i click on the cross in the Database Builder at the end of a column it removes the one above it.

    To be honest it's nothing more than a slight inconvenience as there are quite a bit of different ways to remove columns from your Databases's table's, although it might be something you'd want to add to the fix-list.

    Running: ScriptCase 8.00.0030

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    Never seen that, but yes, there are more issues with the current database builder. New lines are not automatically added any more, adding (primary) key can only be done field-by-field (you cannot add all primary fields in one go). I'm not sure if it's an adminer issue (which is actually integrated in SC) or something wrong with the sc integration. But it used to work well.
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      Well i assume this is just a ScriptCase bug, they probably have an array of some sorts for the columns and just done "Columns[selectedColumn - 1]" or something whilst the -1 wasn't needed for the array or so. Been confused by the index starting at 0 instead of 1 myself quite some times before, wouldn't surprise me if this was the case here.


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        It did happen to me as well.
        I didn't try to understand why\when it happened.
        I just quit using it.


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          I already informed the developer team about this bug in version 8.0.027 and they told me to fix it.



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            Okay, thought i'd post the report on here as i couldn't find any other threads describing the same problem.