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8.0030 (and before) minor bug in generation

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  • 8.0030 (and before) minor bug in generation

    This bug appears when I do the following:
    1: I have several outdated applications
    2: I sort on the Status column, which works fine, outdated projects come above updated ones
    3: I select some (not all) of the checkboxes of the projects in order to generate them
    4: I generate those applications by using the generate button
    5: after generation (which succeeds) I close the generation screen and thus return to my main project screen
    6: the screen gets an automatic update then but here it goes wrong. The status column is still showing that it is sorted but the projects are no longer on status but on project name. This is a minor bug but still it is a bug.
    So the solution would be to either set status back to normal or to show the application grid according to the sort order.