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Bug in deployment package creation

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  • Bug in deployment package creation

    It appears that we sometimes have extra applications when we create a deployment of 1 application. We use typical deployment of a single application and in the generated zip we suddenly find various others as well.
    Apparently these come from the tmp directory somehow. Becuase if I clear the tmp dir this doesnt occur for a while (until this dir gets full again).

    I wonder why there are so many files in there that are not needed.
    So in case that happens to other people, you can delete files from the tmp dir. One warning, leave the index.htm in there.
    Also avoid the *_export_*.zip and *_bkp_*.zip I think these are backups or exports. Although I would love to know where they ought to go and whether these can be deleted.
    There are also tons of sc_js_*_*.js files. These appear to be compiler generated files.

    So if so then why do those not get deleted??
    And those exp and bkp files, should they not be put in a seperate directory for backups???

    Please explain and improve this..

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    AFAIK tmp folder can be empty without problem. As you mention, files generated and so on, are stored there some of them as cache I think, but IMHO is not the place to store. I mean, if you backup, normal behaviour is to save on your computer, and don't wait for SC to keep them there.

    Conclusion, sometimes, delete the content of tmp folder.

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      That was basically my conclusion too. But the bkp files, are the nto backups or are they tempotary files create by a backup procedure and then put somewhere else and the bkp is just simply not deleted?
      I wish sc would tell this. Anyway as you mentioned clearing the tmp is what I do. Except I leave the export and bkp files standing. That seems to resolve the issue.
      The *.js files should actuallu be removed automatically from the tmp dir in my view....


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        Good afternoon.
        We try to simulate the error but we could not get!
        We conduct various publications, with the tmp folder full of files, and we cannot simulate the problem of the publication.

        The tmp folder is used to store files generated by Scriptcase.
        When performing an export or backup files are stored in the tmp and made available for download.

        Regarding the .js files, are created when using the Scriptcase, when performing login, access a project ...

        Scriptcase team.


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          Well it isnt the first time we had this... It is something that just seems to happen. The temporary files dont get deleted and the solution is simple...


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            I've experienced this too. Apps in the generated zip, that are not present in the IDE. Apps from the past. Apps from a long forgotten and mysterious galaxy.