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BUG with the macro sc_btn_display() (Very OLD bug)

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  • BUG with the macro sc_btn_display() (Very OLD bug)

    create menu... menu contains two options 1- Add (form_enter_client) 2 - List (grid_list_client)

    inside of grid_list_client -> link to form_enter_client -> edit client details AND show button to add new clients

    inside of menu onExecute if(sc_menu_item) == "item_1"{sc_apl_conf("form_enter_client","start"," new"); [v_chkBtn] = "off"};
    inside of form_enter_client if([v_chkBtn] == "off"){sc_btn_display("Cancel", "off");};

    click menu option to 1-Add button (Cancel) is still displaying!!!!!!!!

    How does Scriptcase handle this issue in their example projects??? They don't!!!! The make duplicate forms --- one labeled frm_add.... and frm_edit...

    Really?!?!?!? Scriptcase cannot even use the without creating work-arounds to demonstrate their own product!!!

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi stubuck
    Question: "Cancel" it is a button created manually? is the name or label ?
    If you mean the automatic button of "ScriptCase" you should use sc_btn_display ('back', 'off');

    Other option -> You could try the following manner:
    In the form add this:
    if( empty({field_customer_id}) ){ //{field_customer_id} should be the primary key field
    sc_btn_display("Cancel", "off"); // for manual button
    sc_btn_display ('back', 'off');// for automatic button