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  • Deployment workflow improvement request

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this request.

    As I'm Alpha testing my first Scriptcase system with a customer, I'm finding a lot of repeated re-compiles and re-deploys of selected applications and library items. I've got pretty good at it writing down the applications that were re-compiled and only re-deploying those to the production server.

    I just made a change to a Scripts function (old library) that required 77 applications to be re-compiled. There's no way I can write all those down, so I'm resorting to re-deploying all applications.

    Here's the request:

    Could we have an option in the deploy process to automatically select only the most recently compiled applications for deployment? Currently the only option is "All applications" or manually selecting the applications to deploy.


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    Nope! For now the best you can do is sort the list by "Generation" column in descending order and manually select the recently re-compiled.