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Control app - trying to display error and refresh page???

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  • Control app - trying to display error and refresh page???

    Hi All,

    I have a control app that is going to perform a "rollover" process for a general ledger. It has four fields.

    The first is a display only for the current financial year.

    The second field is a dropdown Yes/No list asking the question "do you wish to roll over to a new financial year."

    The third field is a string of instructions shown as a label.

    The fourth field is an error string. Initially it has no label value.

    The expected process -
    When a user selects the "Yes" value in the drop down list, the 'OK' button (that will perform the rollover) is made visible.

    When the user clicks on the 'OK' button the Validate event has code to perform some checks and them perform the actual rollover if the checks have been passed.

    I want to be able to display the error message in the error string field, but I am having trouble working out how best to do that.

    I started by making the dropdown list field reload the form when it's value has changed. I then change the dropdown value on an error, to reset the page to show the "yes/no" as "no".

    However, I cannot seem to work out how to change the error string label to display the correct error message when the form reloads.

    Any ideas?




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    My understanding is that this error should show when the drop down value is No. In the JavaScript section, I would place some code in the onLoad event to test the value is No and then show the error message. Perhaps onChange of the drop down down can be used, if it fires when not directly user selected: I'm not sure.