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Using tinymce to format mail message / broken after v8.1.008 update

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  • Using tinymce to format mail message / broken after v8.1.008 update

    Using the OnAfterInsert event in sec_form_add_users I am sending an email to the new user.

    I did not want to use "application language" because I want administrators to be able to change the content of the message sent (similar to canned messages in sc_tickets). In sc_tickets it uses html in a field. I didn't like that because I didn't want the end user to have to type html to create the canned message.

    So I used the html editor (tinymce) to created those canned messages .. and it worked great.

    This is the code that I was using to get that:
    //Get the mail message
    sc_lookup(rs, "SELECT outbound_message FROM smtp_message WHERE function_name='send_mail_to_new_user' ");
    $newuser_msg = {rs[0][0]};

    And this to include the message in the email:
    $mail_message = sprintf($newuser_msg);

    After updating to v8.1.008 (or maybe it was broken in v8.1.007 and I just did not notice) it no longer works. The error message that I get is this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function SC_Mail_Image() in ...sec_form_add_users_apl.php on line 4310

    Looking at line 4310 in sec_form_add_users_apl I see the sc_mail_image but have no idea where that function is supposed to be - because it is not a function that I created.

    So there's my problem.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has done the same thing - using canned messages in the email message - and if so would you be willing to share your code? I'm new to this and not sure that I did it right in the first place!

    I did look at sc_tickets and see they are using a function "GetTemplateEmailstaff" but that function is not in php methods for any of the applications that use it (which has just caused more confusion! Where is that function???)
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    My application "sec_form_add_users" did not have a problem; the issue was in the other application where I store my canned messages. I had to turn on "Use a template from the HTML Editor" in form settings and then recompile that application. (Although I had previously recompiled everything - I did not have that new option turned on because I did not know / comprehend that it was there).

    This was the result of a change in v8.1.006 where tinymce was modified to enable layout options (see Layout > HTML Editor Templates).

    (I still have not found the "GetTemplateEmailStaff" function in sc_tickets .. but oh well .. moving on)