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How do I run SC7 and SC8 in Prouction on common server

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  • How do I run SC7 and SC8 in Prouction on common server

    I have multiple SC7 app's and have just started working on SC8.
    I did run SC8 production setup ages ago
    SC7 production app's work fine
    I have noticed when running SC8 Apps in development, everything is fine. Yet when I put them into Production, toolbar's don't seem to display and other items don't function.

    Please can someone help me asap:
    What specific files/folders do I need to copy though into _lib to ensure that I can run both SC7 and SC8 production app's on the same server?

  • rr
    Mixing SC7 with SC8 fails probably due to using a css with the same name in SC7 and SC8. I suggest using different names for your css files OR using the same css for both SC7 and SC8 applications. The point is that css files get cached on the browser, so if you have an old SC7 css called mycss.css your SC8 will want this too. But the browser determines you already have the SC7 version cached and hence it uses that one.
    There are probably other issues, namely how you deploy your apps. But what I mention is a known issue (not the fault of scriptcase!) to take into account.

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