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Executing stored Procedure mysql

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  • Executing stored Procedure mysql

    It has been long that I am trying to execute my stored procedure from mysql database but nothing is working, I try to post the issue on and but nothing still. Did scriptcase ignore the use of stored procedure?

    The procedure is not just about inserting, updating or delete but it can be for executing a set of instructions and can have output and/or input parametersas as in my case.

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    One post is sufficient. Please do not double and certainly do not tripple the same post!
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      Thanks, tell me how to delete this one


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        It seem that you replied to a very old thread, which does not seem to be brought to the front -- even with new replies. So I will post my reply here as well:

        The focus of ScriptCase, as I see it, is on producing a nice looking and feature rich database based application with a minimum of effort, and in my opinion it succeeds well in this.

        There are a lot of different programming models and philosophies created by many generations of developers. Many of them have merits, but they are never an end all solution to all development. The problem in development, again in my humble opinion :-), is that the latest batch of developers sometimes see all previous models and technology (and sometimes even the programmers trained in them) as old fashioned and useless. I am not without fault, having occasionally thought just like that.

        One developer will insist that there must be no logic or procedures in the database at all, "The days of the database is past. It is now just a simple data storage, which one should be able to just discard and replace with any kind of data storage". He will insist that there should be many layers of code handling all logic. Another developer will insist that business logic and validation should reside inside the database so that it is maximally protected against erroneous code which might corrupt the integrity of it. Also inter table transactions handled by triggers may be a lot faster than outside code layers. There may be merit in both viewpoints.

        More recently, there have been examples of developers insisting on nosql databases for any and all kind of solutions. Certainly, nosql is just the right tool a very specific kind of solution, but very often the time tested tool of relational databases and SQL will be just the right tool for the job.

        ScriptCase works in a certain way with the database. Follow that, and you can get a good looking application completed very fast. Its not a 100% perfect application. However, it is perhaps 80% with just 20% of the effort -- and that is really good. For the last 20%, you may have to resort to normal PHP programming. If calling stored procedures is really important in your application, I advice you to just create and use a PDO connection in PHP code.

        Through the Database Variables that ScriptCase provides, one can get the connection, username and password of the existing ScriptCase database connection and use them for creating a separate PDO connection like this for MySQL:

        $dbadr = explode(":", [sc_glo_servidor]);
        $conn_str = "mysql:host=" . $dbadr[0] . ";port=" . $dbadr[1] . ";dbname=" . [sc_glo_banco];
        $db = new PDO($conn_str, [sc_glo_usuario], sc_decode([sc_glo_senha]) );

        With the PDO connection, you can call the stored procedure.
        See example 4 in:
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          Originally posted by magezi View Post
          Thanks, tell me how to delete this one
          I answered you 3 days ago.


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