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Is there a way to do a proper timeout

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  • Is there a way to do a proper timeout

    I followed the webinar on how to do a timeout. It worked as expected, but it has one major flaw, and I was wondering what other people do to lift it to a higher level.

    At present (based on the video tutorial) clicking on a menu item invokes the check on how much time has elapsed, and if it has been exceeded then it works fine and redirects you back to the login screen, HOWEVER, this method leaves the current application open AND editable which I consider a vulnerability. Is there a way to set up a timer of some form so that when you open an application, the timer checks the idle time and then gives an alert before redirecting. That way, it would prevent additional editing.

    Thanks heaps - and remember I also am a little new (well a complete newby really) to javascript etc, so be kind in your replies


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    You can use JS for this, integrated into some template for res˝using,over the Project, shouldnt be difficult,to implement

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      Thanks Giu,

      I will have to search google for some example scripts.

      See ya