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Where is my code giving me "undefined offset" error?

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  • Where is my code giving me "undefined offset" error?

    Hi All,

    I am importing a csv file and adding the records to a table. In my test I import 5 records, and each record has 3 fields. Date, Amount, Reference, all are comma separated.

    When I import them, the fields ARE saved to the data file, but I get the following error

    undefined offset: 1
    undefined offset: 1
    undefined offset: 1
    undefined offset: 2

    This is my code

    if ({bank_code} == 0){
    // do nothing if no bank account is present

    // first get rid of SC's treatment of zero's and dashes in their temporary file name
    $proper_name = str_replace("__SC_SPACE__"," ",{csv_file});
    $proper_name = str_replace("__SC_MINUS__","-",$proper_name);

    // zero the count of records imported

    // open the csv file
    $handle = fopen($proper_name,"r");

    if ($handle)

    //loop through one row at a time

    while(! feof($handle))
    // put the csv data into an array
    $data = fgetcsv($handle, 4096, ',');

    // {date_col} and {amount_col} and {ref_col} contain the column numbers in the csv for date, amount, and reference - in my case 1, 2 and 3.

    // get the date field
    $date_check = $data[{date_col}-1];
    // check for single day digits and add a zero if so
    if ($date_check[1] == '/'){
    $date_check = '0'.$date_check;
    //echo $date_check;
    // convert to MySQL date format
    $_date = sc_date_conv($date_check,"dd/mm/yyyy","db_format");

    // get the amount field
    $_amount = ABS($data[{amount_col}-1]);

    if ($data[{amount_col}-1] < 0) {
    $_drcr = 1;
    $_drcr = -1;

    if ($data[{amount_col}-1] < 0) {
    $_type = 1;
    $_type = 0;

    // get the reference field
    $_payee = $data[{ref_col}-1];

    // set other values for the record to be inserted
    $_bank = {bank_code};
    $_not_balanced = 1;

    // insert the record is non zero
    if ($_amount != 0){
    $stm ="INSERT INTO temp_transactions (tp_date,tp_amount,tp_payee,tp_drcr,tp_bank,tp_typ e,tp_not_balanced)
    VALUES ('{$_date}',{$_amount},'{$_payee}',{$_drcr},{$_ban k},{$_type},{$_not_balanced})";



    // delete temporary csv file


    [count_imported] = $cnt;


    Bearing in mind that the array starts with [0] I place a -1 to get the correct information into the field.

    So, cab anyone see where I might be going wrong here?


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    Is there any reason to use {date_col} instead of $date_col ?
    I mean did you check the code that gets generated? These { .... } are scriptcase things in this case which are normally translated to someting else..
    I would check the generated code.
    This kind of line: $_amount = ABS($data[{amount_col}-1]); should be checked. Scriptcase probably makes something from it that you didnt expect.
    In which case you should use:
    $_amount = ABS($data[$amount_col-1]);

    I havent tested this but I have seen similar odd behaviour during if statements where it also can fail.


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      Thanks rr,

      You were right. I changed the {date_col} to $date_col, and bingo it all worked. No idea why, but some lateral thinking at it's best.

      See ya