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Reuse of Earlier Translated Text in the Application Language Module

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  • Reuse of Earlier Translated Text in the Application Language Module

    I think the Data Dictionary and Application Language modules offer great functionality for, upfront, taking control of a multi language application. Once the database has been created, one can right away create a data dictionary that will contain translated texts for the languages that will be part of application. Using the Application Language module, one can then specify the text for each language for the variables / place holders that have been created for names of tables and fields. Additionally, one can add longer general not database related messages for the application in various folders and translate these as well. This all works well in the production environment when deploying, including control of date and numeric formats for each language.

    Now, as I am moving on with internationalising my application, I see this function that would be great to have:

    If a text has already been translated once, it would be great if SC could recognize this and supply the name directly in Application Language screen, e.g.:

    {lang_customer_fld_created_dt} "Created Date" "Opdateringsdato" ...

    This field will be in most tables. However, for every new table you have to fill in your translations again. When there are perhaps perhaps 10 fields that occurs very often, it feels a bit tedious when you start table no. 20. Thus, I wonder if there is function for having a kind of super dictionary that the project data dictionaries could search for already translated texts and utilise these to automatically translate texts which has already been done.
    Best regards,