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Links (Application Link) in Editable Grid View (Form Application)

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  • Links (Application Link) in Editable Grid View (Form Application)

    Dear All,

    I was wondering what is the usage of links, especially application, in Editable Grid View (Form Application)? and how to make one?

    I have a form application set in Editable Grid View about orders, and I want a link (preferably field link, but application link would do) to orders (form application set in single row, which will contain order and its details).

    I know I can use grid application instead but I want to be able to edit the order easily as using form application editable grid view.

    Thank you


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    Application link in general is used in a grid where you want to connect a grid record to it's corresponding form. I'm not sure if it works in editable grid view as you are already editing the record within the form.
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      Hi Albert,

      Thank you for the response. I agree, by using editable gridview, I can edit the order, but I also need to see the details and update order details. I have to form application, one is editable gridview form application to list all orders, the other one is single row form application that beside contains order information, it also contains information about details. Currently, the only solution is use grid application to list all orders and use single row form application to display each order with its details.




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        Maybe you can use Form Master and Form Detail.
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          Hi Owen,

          Yes, I used Master-Detail in Order Single Row Form Application which contains fields from Order as master and OrderDetail as detail. This form will display each order.

          The thing is I am not using Grid Application to list all orders, instead I am using Editable GridView Form Application. I think in Form Application there are only two type of links available, which are Application and Capture Links. While, I understand the Capture Links, I am still not understand how to use Application Link in Form Application. Can you point to or give example on this?




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            I restructure the question to suit my current progress with this.

            I have category and item tables. To list all categories, I used grid_category and I can easily add a Field Link for row editing to form_category, a single row form application.

            To list all items belongs to the selected category, I used master-detail, form_category (single row application) as master and the detail is subgrid_item, an editable gridview form application.

            I choose to use editable gridview form application instead of grid_application since I cannot implement master-detail using form as master and grid as detail. Although, if I use grid application, I can have field link to link from subgrid_item to form_item.

            Now, I ended up to use editable gridview form application. I create field link by myself. First, I create a field and named it {linkToItem} with label as field type. I add onLoadRecord event,

            if({linkToItem} == null) {
                {linkToItem} = '<a style="text-decoration: none;" href="/scriptcase/app/luxos_iis/item_form?id=' . {id} . '" target="_parent"><img src="/scriptcase/app/luxos_iis/_lib/img/scriptcase__NM__scriptacase8_sapir_search.png" style="border-width: 0; cursor: pointer" /></a>';
            But, now I have a minor bug, where after insert new row, the link become weird, although it becomes ok if I refresh it. See the image below:

            Can someone help to this?