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Access scriptcase application via internet on a local dev machine

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  • Access scriptcase application via internet on a local dev machine

    I haven't seen any article or tutorial that explains how to view/access my apps as am developing them.! This is important cos i want to see how my apps will look like on different machines. so i looked around and tried a few and came across ngrok. In other words i want to access my app via (
    If you are gonna try it, don't forget the "A Note About Using Virtual Hosts" i have tested in on apps that i have deployed on WAMP. But what i want is to able to access apps as i am creating/editing them.. when i try to do this, i am ending up with a sc login screen.
    what can i do in order to access my apps in scripcase apache?

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    I think you can access them with
    http://[your IP address]/scriptcase/app/[your project name]/[your menu application name]/


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      In general I think it's not a safe idea to let your development environment open to the internet. I would install a wamp server and deploy my applications to there. Then a simple rule in the router will do. Suppose someone finds your dev env. The user is admin, the port is 88 and I only need to guess the password....
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        Thats not a problem. The reason i want this is to test the app using mobile devices. Deploying to WAMP every time i make a change is not feasible and a waste of time. what i want is to see the changes ive made to an app via a mobile device.


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          Anjellz post is the answer. On you local network acces ussing your ip, over internet, you have to NAT a port to your computer on your router, and then access using your public-iport-redirected.

          Take in consideration Albert post. If you open your SC access outside your LAN, improve your security for the SC users. Change admin user for other name, change all passwords for some complex generated key, and so on.

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            worked thanks alot ....