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  • LDAP Security

    I want to use LDAP security in a application and I have some questions. I am not working in the environment that the LDAP site is installed in..

    When LDAP security is active can you have more than one administrator?

    Can you make application read-only for those who are not Admin?

    What is the minimum LDAP info needed to setup? I have the following LDAP:// , is this enough to setup?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You for any help you can provide.

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    It depends. We have modified the standard authorisation module and replaced the login by the ldap login. We don't have the applicaiton level security in the ldap environment just the userid/psw. We use standard php functions here, not the function(s) of scriptcase.
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      Do you have some code that works good in Scriptcase for making forms for users as read only and editable for administrators?

      Any Help would be appreciated.

      Thank You