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GRID -- Cannot properly sort Grid Lookup

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  • GRID -- Cannot properly sort Grid Lookup

    Cannot properly sort fields in the grid general settings.
    In the grid, I have a reference to the employees EmpID PK. using the grid lookup to display the employee no, surname and first name the sort works only on the PK. This is not good. the end user should be able to "sort" a grid field based on the alpha characters and not see the randomness of the list because of the primary key used in the employee table.

    Any suggestions for a work-around?
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    As a workaround you can have the concat string field created either by the grid SQL select statement or a database view (view that you then have to use in the grid SQL select statement).
    Then you show that string field in the grid, with no need for lookups.


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      robydago, Thank you for your help! looks like that will work for what I need.

      Thanks again!


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        robydago; tried the suggestion to use the concat function... however, the sort still does not function properly.

        Thanks anyway,