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Getting the current windows logged in user

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  • Getting the current windows logged in user

    Hello Group,
    I'm writing and Intranet app and so would like to check the current windows logged in user. I have tried getenv('username') to no avail.
    This is probably child's play for you SC experts.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You basically can not get anything form the local machine where the web browser runs on. Unless that data is given. So a local username which is local on that machine can not be obtained. So you can not get a file unless you uplaod it, you can not get an environment variable unless it is given via the browser etc..


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      Thanks for the reply rr.
      This is an Intranet application. I really don't want to have the user login again to use this app since they have already logged into their computer.
      Is there another way that I can find out what user is logged into the computer so I can grant them certain permissions for this app without the need to re-login?
      If they must login again I guess we can do that but they don't have to do that for my MS Access program that this is replacing.


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        Some web server + client browser combinations can be setup to perfom transparent SSO with Windows domain accounts.
        Or at least that was possible some time ago.
        I don't know if with the latest versions of all components this is still doable.


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          Hello Rodydago,
          I will investgate this transparent SSO..
          Thanks for the reply.


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            Hey Group,
            I would like to bring this back up because I do not see a solution or follow-up.
            I need this functionality also.
            So basicly the question is: how can we use Scriptcase secrurity with SSO from the users (windows-)device?