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How do I make my grids appear initially with no records?

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  • How do I make my grids appear initially with no records?

    If I build a grid that is connected to a table with 4,000 records, the first 10 of which have nothing to do with what the user will be looking for, it makes no sense, and is a breach of privacy, to always show the first ten records in the grid. Also, I don't want to have to start the grid in "Advanced Search" mode, because it doesn't look like a grid, and my Advanced Search has about 15 things you can search on, so it takes up a lot of screen real estate. Is it possible to start a grid without it doing a search and pulling back records?

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    Create a view excluding the first ten records. Then use the view in your scriptcase application.
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      Hi aducom. If I create a view, excluding the first 10 records, then the following 10 records (of the 4,000 total) become the first 10 records, and will be displayed. Not sure I'm following what you mean. It would be a lot easier if the grid had an option in SC that said "run SQL on start" that I could uncheck, so that the grid would not have records in it to start with.


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        Actually, pretty simple. Simply add a search criteria to your SQL statement ("where...") that will obviously NOT be met and your grid will open blank. You can then add a custom button to build the query based on user's needs or preference. Hope this helps...