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Can I use Nginx in my production system to run my SC PHP software?

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  • Can I use Nginx in my production system to run my SC PHP software?

    I'm not a networking expert at all, and I've just been doing a bit of reading. I want to run the following, and maybe you can help me. I don't even know if this is the correct order of things in the "stack" or if I need all of them... maybe one replaces the other, I don't know. (Working from bottom to top)

    - Windows 2012 Server (I have no choice on this)
    - Nginx
    - Zend Framework
    - PHP
    - my SC8 app, all happy and fast and looking great

    Is this the recommended set up? If not, is there a better one?
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    Do You use Zend framework in some of your libraries? if not is not needed.
    About nginx, well..How many concurrent users your app will have? I'm not too much fan of nginx (yet), just looking for time to play with it, but I think, if you don't have too much users you will not see differences against an standard apache installation.

    Just an opinion.
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      Hi Giu, how do I know if I use the Zend framework in my libraries? I don't have any of my own libraries. I thought ScriptCase is built on the Zend framework, that is why I thought I needed it.


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        Netmake only uses Zend to compile, Encode, or Obfuscate the Scriptcase application. Zend Framework is not needed.


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          Scriptcase will run under any webserver that supports php. Of course you need a valid database too. It has no further requirements except that minimum php is 5.4, but 5.6 recommended. I expect support for 7 planned somewhere in the near future.
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            FWIW, I am currently using a LEMP (Linux | nginx | MySQL | PHP) stack for my production server. No issues with SC8 applications with nginx.