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Distributed Version Control Systems (e.g. GitHub or Bitbucket) to Deploy applications

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  • Distributed Version Control Systems (e.g. GitHub or Bitbucket) to Deploy applications

    Having to deploy an increasing number of projects to an increasing number of servers, I have been thinking about doing it more efficiently. So far I have just deployed the packages created by ScriptCase using SSH and SCP. However, as the numbers grow, so does the manual work. Thus, I have been considering using a distributed version control systems. There are a number available, some paid, some open source.

    Does anyone here care to share good or bad experiences they have had, using such for ScriptCase deployment?
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    cvs - cumbersome to install, wincvs is kinda old. But it does work, just creates a lot of data.
    svn - my choice, easy to install for windows. Clients are free and there are free servers (on windows and on linux).
    Others I havent tried...


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      I use both for non scriptcase projects, GitHub and BitBucket. They are very easy to learn and use. For Github you have this:

      - Unlimited public projects (everyone can see them and make pull request, report issues, etc)
      - Basic monthly plan with 9.99 USD cost you can have 5 private projects, only you can and your collaborators can see them.

      For bit BitBucket is very cool too. I have some projects there:

      - Unlimited private and public projects if your team has 5 or less users.
      - For 6 or more users the monthly basic cost is 10 USD

      Both version controls work for most used OS like linux and windows using a client tool called Git. What I like for these bad boys is the easy way you pull from remote repositories. For local changes (scriptcase deploy) you run a command like git init in order to start to work under this system.


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        Hi For anyone interested i have implemented a small application that use php + ftp for the automatic deployment of updates for SC projects . Free of charge of course. I'll post here after a little clean...
        Giorgio Bravi
        Dolphin Software & Thinkware


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          @rr and @manfred: Thanks for your feedback guys.

          I use SVN already on an existing non SC project, but have mostly experience with the client side. but you can just host it yourself.
          BitBucket also sounds interesting. I will have to check out both to compare I guess.

          gbravi: Sounds like an interesting project. Do let us know more.
          Would it be able to use SFTP?
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