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PDF report - can this be done?

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  • PDF report - can this be done?

    I have been experimenting with PDF reporting and have been unsuccessful in being able to do the following.
    In the attachment you can see a page like a form with 4 fillable records. I tried to mock up how I would populate some data into the form.

    I would like to be able to query a table and use the data to create this PDF report. I could use the graphic piece as a background image, but need a way to specify that a virtual page is 1/4 the size of the real page, so that 4 records fit on each page.

    I am new to scriptcase so its very possible that this is easy to do, and I just dont know how.
    I have watched the couple videos on PDF reports but they do not really help me with this.


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    I just found a sample project for creating business cards using PDF report that may mimic what I am trying to do here. I will try their technique.


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      Hi Greg, were you able to find a solution from the sample project?


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        I just noticed this reply - I was able to mostly generate what I was looking for using the business cards sample. Thanks for asking!