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Photo not showing in Production but are showing in Development

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  • Photo not showing in Production but are showing in Development

    When running a grid application in development which has a photo field present, the photo shows up perfectly. Yet when I run the exact same grid application in production it does not render.
    I have attached x2 png's to show exactly what is seen in development and what is seen in production
    Please can someone advise me what files are missing in production,
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    You have to set the correct path in production environment.
    Check this webinar for information about that
    Maybe this helps


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      You would like to verify in the Application -> Settings -> Document Path. Images should be uploaded to that folder. Most likely you have that path and folder existing in your development but, it is missing in production.


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        Folks - I'm still battling with this. Please can someone advise me here.

        I have checked and double-checked comparing development to production.

        The database that I'm using in Development is the exact same one as what I'm using in Production.


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          The problem you have is related to your tmp folder if you ask me... even if you save the file in your database the grid uses the thumbnail stored in your tmp folder... so when you change environments the tmp forlder is different therefore it doesn't find the thumbnail files requiered. Do an inspection in chrome... (right click . inspect) on one of the img's... and check the file path that is using for the thumbnail... there you will notice what folder is looking for.



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            You are correct, but wouldn't this be the case since one is production and the other development.

            Right-Click on Image:
            When I right-click on image, the path is: src="/reports/V8/_lib/tmp/sc_picture_1ajoo5561cuuu5hm2rnln3o7v87.gif">

            Development Settings:
            Then when I go to the development -> settings -> system folders -> Temporary Files Folder : /scriptcase8/tmp

            Please advise what and where do I make changes?


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              I preface this with I'm not a guru like most of these other guys.....

              Are you storing the images in your database or to a directory? The latter is preferred, and more than likely the path to that directory is different between development and production. I'd suggest loading an image using your form in production, and then going and finding exactly where on your production server the image was saved. Then what I'd do after that, is start editing the code on your grid right on the production server (find the grid's php file and use a text editor). I'd type in the path I thought it should be, save the file and reloaded the grid. If it doesn't show, then edit your path a bit again in your text and try again until you get it right.

              When that happened to me when I first started doing it, once I got the right syntax, I went and changed the image path to a variable that I called from another table. That way I could easily change the path in the table depending on whether I was local or deployed and it works great...

              I'm sure there are easier ways to figure out your path that the gurus may point out, but I'm just throwing out suggestions. Hope it helps.


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                Thanks buddy. Since I have multiple forms that use the image (stored in a table), I hope there is an easier way.