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Anyone interested in trying to work with SC 8 and Joomla?

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  • Anyone interested in trying to work with SC 8 and Joomla?

    I've been working with integrating the two and have come up with a few solutions. The one I'm trying to solve now is integrating the Joomla user table(s) into SC or vice versa. And this is with encrypted passwords and seamless authentication. Anyone been doing this? Any ideas?

    One other issue is fixing the iframe "extra scroll bars" when wrapping an SC application in a Joomla article. I (and others) are looking for any ideas about how to fix/work with this.

    Hoping there are others in the forum with similar issues.

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    Yes RJ I'm interested as well. I have done some testing (with help of Giu) but so far it wasn't successful. It would be great to integrate Joomla as well as few other most popular CMS systems with SC. Users table is the main thing to take care of but finding a solution for embeeding Apps (without using iFrames) would be also very helpful. I wonder if anybody else would be interested. Perhaps we could ask NetMake to create some webinar or demo on how to do it the right way.



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        I do not have any projects requiring Joomla or Wordpress integration with SC so far, but it is probably just a matter of time, so this is interesting.
        Best regards,



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          Originally posted by aka View Post
          Yes RJ I'm interested as well. I have done some testing (with help of Giu) but so far it wasn't successful. It would be great to integrate Joomla as well as few other most popular CMS systems with SC. Users table is the main thing to take care of but finding a solution for embeeding Apps (without using iFrames) would be also very helpful. I wonder if anybody else would be interested. Perhaps we could ask NetMake to create some webinar or demo on how to do it the right way.

          Just to be clear. In your instance. Problem was we tried to recover joomla session to knownthw state of an user (logged or not) and was not possible for me to give more time to this. About users, I have a project using Joomla users table without any problems
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            Giu - I wonder if if would be possible simply extract what is needed from your project to post it as an example. I really appreciate your time trying to help and make it working on my DEMO site although it is still not operational. What we have tried was the most basic integration. Once this is possible and working I think many other users would be interested in a bit more advanced tasks (i.e registering the user in Joomla CMS using SC registration form).
            This same will pertrain to other CMS systems (i.e DRUPAL or WORDPRESS). Integrating SC with CMS systems would be a MAJOR ADVANTAGE of using SC. So far unfortunately not much is done in that matter and nothing is documented in any way. I'm in a process of discussing SAMPLE site for SC projects with NetMake and if this will be approved your Joomla example might be the first great sample to add.

            PS> which Joomla version you use with SC ?



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              Sorry to answer too late. As you can see I'm a absent from the forums for different reasons (moving our headquarters, personal things and so on ...)
              I will try to get time and create a webinar, but can't promise anything, first I have to finish some things.
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                ohh you are such a smart guy, it shouldn't take you more than few min to create it ;-)
                We waiting impatiently. You know if we can integrate SC apps with major CMS systems it would be huge step forward. Better yet if we could (haha) build the whole CMS system in SC ;-)
                (ok just kidding)



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                  The begining of the Solution

                  Ok, I will try to join this group of friends for to figure it out how can we integrate joomla with scriptcase via api and via global session to advanced level. We (all together) can aport to this, I invite you to share your code (as I am going to do) and knowledge, this is for growth for all of us, so here were go:

                  Joomla have specific way for to integrate api, you can google forums and can see too much about, the problem as always is the liitle fragments you can find, so I have made some steps further.

                  In my case, I use joomla with community builder (by the way community builder have its own api, maybe for discuss another topic), for this topic I only be talking joomla api, not CB API.

                  The main goal of this exercise is to get the user id , having that, it is just the door of the glory and I insist just the door, not the glory.

                  Having user_id it is a good begining for integrating variables to our projects, later we can discuss all the next ocean of integrations that can be done having scriptcase/joomla working together sharing variables.(e.g ACL-access control, usergroups, languages, community builder substitutions, item id, articles, ........etc)

                  My opinion, I think using get and post variables is a very poor solution, (for me still not clear for example the way to integrate scriptcase menus with get and post), so maybe could work for a single form or send mail, or for something very simple, and just bypass a simple project but really not using the joomla variable power and not to talk about security issues.

                  This effort is for integrate joomla using api for joomla, and have global variable for the whole project, without need for to be declaring or parssing or something values app to app, just to have an user_id from joomla for all the instances and just invoke it as global variable, [user_id], whenever you need it (it is supossed that a global variable is reachable by any aplication, isnt? I have not test it yet).

                  ok what do I have done?

                  1. Declare the api at "onscriptini"

                  2. echo "user_id" successfully,

                  here the code:

                  // Get Joomla! framework
                  define( '_JEXEC', 1 );
                  define( '_VALID_MOS', 1 );
                  define( 'JPATH_BASE', realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../' ));
                  define( 'DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR );
                  require_once ( JPATH_BASE .DS.'includes'.DS.'defines.php' );
                  require_once ( JPATH_BASE .DS.'includes'.DS.'framework.php' );
                  $mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication('site');
                  $user =& JFactory::getUser();
                  $user_id = $user->get('id');

                  As I told, if you insert an echo statement before the global variable statement, every goes fine, it really apears the user_id of the logged joomla user.

                  echo $user_id;

                  So with this, a big jump, bringing at least variables from joomla, at least the id or user_id of the logged joomla user, thats pretty good, for example imagine the possibilities with joomla ACL assigning levels of users from there, no more problems with password and validation, joomla can handle this, and this is just one idea.
                  __________________________________________________ ________________

                  Just be sure to declare the route properly to your joomla base

                  define( 'JPATH_BASE', realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../' ));

                  and just be sure to set variable type "out" under aplications / variables

                  Enjoy and share ideas, this script is only the basic to establish connection and bring a variable, this needs to grow.

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                    This is the way to go. From now you have access to Joomla API
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                      Hi there my friends.

                      I am going to share my experience, but i think to bring joomla would be difficult for how to land at SC.

                      I hope someone can help me to get idea, cause I am at the point to look other horizons.

                      I am pretty concern about scriptcase, I was so excited to have this kind of tool at the begining, but at the battle when you need information, manuals guides or something you simply can not go ahead, here is a situation.

                      This for me has become azar, maybe setting this check box and this another one, can get what I want because neither web help or forums have answers, I did not have realize the situation till I have reserached tons of topics.

                      My history:

                      Plan, created, land, make a little system = 2 days
                      Be stuck with two suppossed minimal things = 2 weeks

                      minimal things:

                      1. - change css backgroun button
                      2. - pass variables master/detailed

                      It is incredible, that it is not possible to change background buttons at the "css buttons", and you know it when You are to finish a project, if you are lucky and find a class you can change, if not you can not, I still stuck with not changing the background blue to beige of any (80% are blue), that took me 1 week with no solution.

                      The concern about, is that this situation seems to be from years ago as I read some topics at this forums. this should be at normal function, not to be asking support or post at forums for a quick receipts.

                      The other situation that have me crazy it is about variables. only god knows how many times I have read all about it.

                      I have a simply master/detailed aplication. If I use getting the variable via get (url) everything goes fine, but when I got it via joomla api and have the correct user_id for example at my master, it simply don’t pass it to detailed. it is just a golbal variable, who cares where it comes from?

                      I have probed all kind of configurations at “edit link”, field, variable, fixed, all ot them, and nothing, the detailed form carry in all the records, not filtered by the global variable (user_id), the funny thing is that same app when you set it by get variable via url at the master runs perfectly.

                      I wrote at my last post, that a global variable is a global variable, ok, dismissing that (cause no success), I treat it as local, with no success again, the only problem is to pass the variable to the child, detailed form and I can simply no reach that.

                      So my question, if someone can write me a line, how do you usually pass the parameters of variables to a detailed form, when you use global variables, marked as “session”, cause the idea is not use get and post.

                      It is supposed to exploit the power of global variables from joomla, and use them wherever you are, or it is not possible at SC use a real global variable.

                      This is the same app, what about a whole project?, the supposed global variable is everywhere?

                      Maybe I don’t understanding the SC philosophy of variables, some light would be appreciated.



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                        Can you share your project? How are you saving this variable on master?¿
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                          First of all we need to divide the topic into several areas because otherwise the whole discussion will be a mess. Based on what developer what to achieve we can have:

                          USER REGISTERED THROUGH JOOMLA
                          1. Access Joomla user base for validation (using Joomla users table)
                          2. Comparing Joomla users table against SC users table
                          3. Reading Joomla session variables in order to validate user access, App access or Project access in SC

                          USER REGISTERED THROUGH SC (this will apply to AddUser AND EditUser)
                          4. User registration in SC but data stored in Joomla tables
                          5. User registration in SC but data stored in SC tables

                          AFTER THE VALIDATION
                          6 Embeeding existing SC Apps into Joomla (this can be easily done by using iFrame) but it is very inefficient and does not look professional.
                          7. Using Joomla tables within SC Apps (this should be rather easy fro simple data but more comlex for extra data types i.e. videos, images, sound, maps etc because it will require access to read Joomla path to the files).

                          Next level of integration is how we manage the Joomla site vs SC project (updates, global changes, shared or not shared connection, database, synchronization etc.).
                          there is much much more and it all depends what the developer needs to achieve. I think many rules here will apply to other pupular CMS systems such as WordPress.

                          I would suggest from starting the most basic function which is validating user who is logged into Joomla against SC project.
                          As we know NetMake security module is f..ed up! :-( so I do not think it should be used in any way here. User hierarchy in Joomla is a little bit different than in SC and on top of that since Joomla 2.5+ there is something called ACL. This will be part of granting user access to Joomla site in general.

                          Based on user group or ACL we then need to decide weather to grant or deny access to certain Apps build with SC. I think we still need a table like sec_groups_apps (or similar) to make a decision (if I'm not mistaken).

                          If we could make any progress here I would designate part of my sever with download area (kinda like SourceForge) for everybody interested to download a sample Apps. I would suggest to use one of the SC example Apps to integrate and see how it works.


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                            kukulcan - I don't think you can use Joomla global variables in SC (unless there is some specific functionality in API that allows that and I'm not aware of that). Of course in SC global Var's are handled internally and you just set them up as IN or OUT. The rest is managed by SC and the bad thing about this part is that this code is obfuscated (so we have no access to it to view or modify). Still as long as you operate within you won project there is no need to use Joomla variables (other than those stored in _SESSION().
                            When you need to interact with Joomla and SC then everything becomes very complex. Not because of Joomla but because of SC. That is because Joomla uses MVC model and SC does not.

                            I use SC since version 5 and was initially very very implressed, but after learning more details and company inability to make changes, fix bugs, improve documentation, worst ever support I'm quite frustrated. There is still a chance though for simple project which can operate within their own environment to integrate them with Joomlla. I'm not sure if there is any other CMS system which could possibly make the integration even easier. Perhaps other people on this forum tried something else. I know Albert is using another CMS and Giu told me he had success up to some point with WP.
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                              Giu thnks for your answer, I appreciate, you are very kind.

                              Aka thks for your interesting about integration and your efforts.

                              This post will be for answer and share my philosophy about joomla integration.

                              Next post I will share my issue with master/detailed app, global variable issue.

                              First of all, the integration can have many perspectives and for me, this what I have found on my experience:

                              I am fan since the joomla beginning when was mambo, I have seen the growth, today is a monster, a very complete CMS platform. So why to repeat that work again? I mean joomla has everything for manage users to a very high and advanced level, using ACL you can really manage organization of things.

                              I see SC as a good standalone software (with some things at development), I know could stop at moments the work, but it is, as people says “as is”, so there it is, SC is “as is”, so with this, how can we help?, contributing and try to bypass situations, so go ahead, we are here and we have to go.

                              Coming back to joomla, Aka I have read your post, my perspective is little diferent:

                              1 if you use the code I have posted about joomla api, you will have a foot in the heart of joomla. Just try it please, and your will have a user_id at your app. (at least at the main one)

                              2 SC is for complement your systems not for substitute joomla, joomla does this job pretty well, validate users, assing acl, etc etc

                              3 you do not have to match tables or somethink like that, match tables is like using backdoor and duplicate records, don’t still thinking that way, you have the LOGGED USER_ID in a variable !! in your hands, do it whatever you want with this value, make a simple or a complex system at SC using that value.

                              4 why to extend or substitute joomla registration form, there are a bunch of extended register profiles extensions and they do it pretty good, and using for example social network exensions you have a really nice homes for your users/department/whatever

                              5 you don’t need to be struggling with “joomla session” anymore, cause with the api you have the LOGGED USER ID. That it is.

                              6 For my perspective SC become very powerfull complementing what joomla doesnt do, what is?? Your proper o specific system needs, N x N relations , 1 to N relations, etc etc, Joomla is the platform, and SC is your logic, specific solution to some requirement.

                              7 for to make extensions, thats another history, you need other tools and code code code.

                              8 iframes is a kind of sort the situation for the moment, I dont like it either, but is "as is" for the moment, and you can match the look and feel pretty well (except the css buttons menu), I have match very good with my first SC app the look of the Joomla template., you can not notice the diference.

                              9 Later we can discuss how to embed the code, not the iframe, that would be very nice, I have some ideas, I just need to understand the paths of /_lib/prod

                              Ok, for now is enough, all my commnent are very respectful and we all together we can share solutions, more than philosophic