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  • backup template - file naming

    I wonder if anybody knows the way to change file naming when running project / Apps backup. Current default naming makes not much sense for me and I have to do it manually every time but would rather have this automated. I would like to see something line:



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    Well, that is actually two questions in one:

    a. Automated backup.
    I think you have to make your own script for this if really needed -- for example in PHP.
    So far I have also just done it manually. Not too much hassle. The zip file is created in the scriptcase/tmp folder from where I move it to a folder that is linked to a Dropbox account, so I get an external copy automatically. I do not bother to click "download file" as it just creates an extra copy of the same backup zip file in the downloads directory.

    b. Name of the backup file:
    It is not quite what you would like, but close: sc8_bkp_<projectname>, which for me is okay.
    Best regards,



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      Of course I mean Option-B. Unfortunately the naming is not OK for me because I would like to keep the version number for my backups and I have to do it every time manually. Yes it is not such a big deal but it would be nice to save some time and have SC throw the version number into the filename.