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Calendar apps don't show existing records

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  • Calendar apps don't show existing records

    We have a calendar app in a client project which was working really well. But recently it has stopped showing the existing table records. You can add a new record via the calendar but they effectively "disappear". You can see them in the table and on the other forms, but not on the calendar, which always appears empty. I've taken the WHERE clause off the SQL but even with no WHERE clause it is still empty. It kind of looks like it's in data entry only mode but not sure how that could happen with a calendar?

    Anyone had this happen and do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    I should mention that I tried creating a brand new calendar app on the same table, but it was just the same.


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      could you please share with me the configuration page of your calendar app?....


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        Hi kafecadm

        Thanks - here's a screenshot of the calendar page and one of the sql page.

        Cheers, Jeff
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          can you please show me how your calendar is displayed?.



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            Thanks Kafecadm

            I think I found the problem. There were some records in the table with an empty appointment description field. That seemed to cause the problem. I filled those in and everything appeared. Seems like a bit of a bug as I don't think a couple of empty descriptions should cause the whole calendar to empty!

            I appreciate you trying to help on this.

            Best regards